At Anilove we care for animals as much as we do for the hard-working people who take care of them. We want to improve the situation in animal shelters, by providing them with a new, innovative product designed specifically for the quarantine period. What we would like to offer is an animal-friendly and user-friendly compartment, which is easy in daily maintenance, and available at an affordable price.


Design and testing


What is the Quarantine ?

The quarantine is the treatment in which cat is being isolated for the period of two weeks to eliminate the occurrence of infectious diseases which might be threatening for the rest of the cats already staying in the facility. The currently situation and products used are severe both for animals and the caretakers. With the ever-increasing number of stray cats in many countries a functional, humane quarantine is now more than ever needed. 


Anilove has identified a number of issues for both animals and caregivers regarding the cat cages that are most commonly used during quarantine period:

insuficient isolation and spread of diseases

risk of injuries while dealing with wild cats

high stress level and number of deaths

difficulties in use

poor living conditions

time-consuming cleaning


experts testimonials:

" The construction of our compartments in the quarantine unit provides very little space for the cats, and it is hard to take them out. Some materials used are outdated and thus not easy to clean. Improved cat quarantine cage that is being developed by Anilove promises to be ideal solutions to the problems we have. "

Kenji Tiemes
Manager at Animal’s Faith Shelter (Maastricht)

" I have been working in many places over the world, veterinary clinics, and ZOO, and presently used cages have many disadvantages. Cats are very sensitive to stress, which might prove fatal to them. I am personally looking forward to the product that Anilove is working on: well thought of, functional and based on the feline ethology and deep research. I believe that Anilove’s cat quarantine cage can bring revolution in the veterinary sector and spare severe inconvenience."

Alexander Dzieduszycki

what we do

The innovation we bring in large part lies in the method of developing our products, putting the needs of animals and their handlers and caretakers centre stage at every phase of development: Research, Design, Testing. During the research phase we actively gather information about the needs and desires of animals and professionals by visiting shelters, where we assess what is needed to create an animal care product that goes beyond the options that are currently available. We gather this information by asking the professionals about their experiences and difficulties with the products they currently use, and, most importantly, by observing their day-to-day issues in working with them.
We keep involving these individuals in the Design and Testing phases of product development to ensure that their and the animals’ needs are always taken into account, and any potential design or practical issues are resolved.

cats’ stress level decreas

cat’s comfort improved

aesthetic appearance

ease of maintenance

spread of diseases reduced

protection agains injuries

About us

Our passion for animals inspired us to start up Anilove – the company that brings innovation and sustainable design to animal welfare. The company was founded by Iwona Lisiecka and Aleksandra Musiał.


Earned two bachelor degrees: the first in Graphic Art from the Department of Art of the Pedagogical University in Krakow (2008), and the second in Product Design from the Academy Of Fine Arts in Katowice in 2012 (with distinction). That same year (2012) she finished her master’s degree in Graphic Art in Krakow. She has over 10 years of experience working in the field of graphic and product design. At the same time, she keeps expanding her skills and knowledge by following workshops and taking courses. She completed IDEO.org courses about Human-Centred Design and Prototyping. And in 2015 she participated in the workshop “How to effectively implement new products? Interdisciplinary cooperation in industrial design” organised by the Polish Institute Of Industrial Design. Her love for animals motivated her to volunteer for over a year at the animal shelter in Sosnowiec (Poland).


Has a broad set of skills and knowledge as a former student of Economics and Zoology, and a graduate of International Relations from the University of Warsaw (2017). During this Bachelor, she spent several months in the Netherlands as an ERASMUS exchange student studying Globalisation and Development. From 2010 to 2013 she worked for the Export-Import Bank of Korea, which is part of the South Korean Embassy, alongside her studies. As the assistant to the Deputy Director of the Bank, she gained broad knowledge on financial matters and trade investment, attended negotiations and was an active participant in other activities, such as symposia and conferences. Animals were always close to Aleksandra’s heart. She and her dog Karmel used to be a member of canine sports groups in Agility and Frisbee. She also has a keen interest in animal behaviourism. In her free time, she enjoys horseriding.


Awarded the title ‘Money Maker’ at the end of the 5-month Launch Base pre-incubation programme (organised by the Maastricht Centre for Entrepreneurship). The award (and accompanying certificate) is awarded by a jury to the entrepreneur who created the startup with the biggest potential for generating revenue.

LBDF Subsidy

Awarded the subsidy LBDF (Limburg Business Development Fond) by the LIOF (Limburg Development and Investment Company). This subsidy is awarded to facilitate Proof-of-Principle studies, and is used by Anilove to investigate the feasibility of its first innovative product: the Quarantine Cat Cage.


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The Netherlands


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